Mother's Day Gift Box (Soap Flower)

Mother's Day Gift Box (Soap Flower)

Mother's Day Gift Box (Soap Flower)

Set A: RM138 (Soap Flowers + 2 bottles of Bird Nest)
Set B: RM89 (Soap Flowers Box) + Cash (Depend on Customer)

Soap flower can last at least one year, cannot be watered, easy to take care of, cannot be exposed to the sun.

Please note that
~ Each bouquet is hand crafted by florist, actual arrangement may slight difference depending on availability.
~ Seasonal availability of certain individual flowers may vary from those illustrated. Our florists may substitute flowers and packaging for a suitable alternative, similar in style, quality and value depending on availability.
~ We reserve the right to substitute to equal quality and value.


~ 由于每束花都是手工制作,花束效果可能会略有小的区别。
~ 由于季节与存货的关系,可能在会在花朵的颜色与包装纸的颜色上做一些调整。

Reminder! This flower need to booking 3 day(s) in advance
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All bouquet is created individually and may not appear exactly the same as picture above.

Delivery service is currently available in Muar city only. Other area can collect thru pickup from store, or shipping.

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